About Jennifer Miller

About Jennifer Miller


   My name is Jennifer Miller, though some may know me by my online alias or "penname", Nambroth. This alias really has no particular meaning, it's simply one that I adopted when I was younger and needed an online username. I'm probably best known for my fantasy artwork, which I have been sharing online since 1997, however I am currently creating wildlife artworks, jewelry, masks and sculpture as well.
Born in Western New York state, I live Olean with my husband, five parrots, and a flock of chickens. I grew up with a very vivid imagination, and couldn't stop drawing birds and dragons. I am mostly self-taught, with no formal art education outside of high school, and studied under the guidance of the natural world. While I have always attempted to further develop my skills as an artist, I was only able to commit to working on art full-time in 2007. Before that I worked various non-industry jobs.
After living in Texas, Georgia, and even New Jersey briefly, I am back in my home area of Western NY. It's a fairly rural region and I spend a much of my time out in the woods. I draw a lot of inspiration from the land around me! My passions for nature, wildlife, and creatures are what drive me to create my work. I spend many hours every week studying the foundations of art, as well as animal anatomy and behavior. I am equally happy examining a wild bird through binoculars as I am examining bits of moss growing across a fallen tree.


   In creating my art, I usually attempt to express my feelings for the subject; rarely do I paint animal subjects that I have not observed in person. Truly, I feel my most successful works are those that are inspired directly from life and things that I've been able to experience. I combine these experiences with the emotions I felt as an observer, and take them back to my studio. I also take reference photography to help with details, and combine these with other resources such as study skins to create the most accurate paintings that I can. These invaluable levels of research into real animals also allows me to translate this knowledge into creating engaging and believable fantasy creatures. For my digital art I use Corel Painter with a Wacom tablet, and for my traditional media art I use many mediums, with a main focus on acrylics, watercolors, and sculpture.

   My interests are very similar to the artwork I create; I love exploring the natural world and enjoy learning about both flora and fauna. Hiking and geocaching are activities I enjoy, and for me, every walk outdoors is a nature walk. I am a greatly enthusiastic about birds, and have many in my daily life, which I adore. I treasure my chickens and parrots as they are endlessly entertaining and surprisingly affectionate. I love learning about and applying permaculture ideals to my property both in gardening and also in retstoring native habitat. As part of my interest in conservation of our natural world and a reasonable level of sustainability, I am also interested in ethical hunting.

Achievements and Select Clients
My greatest achivement and honor to date was having my artwork selected as the winner of the 2015-2016 Federal Duck stamp, on September 20th, 2014.
Jennifer, holding her winning painting.
I have long been enthusiastic about the conservation of species and habitat. When I was young, I would often visit my aunt at her workplace, which was the DEC (NY's Department of Environmental Conservation). I was fascinated by the taxidermy mounts, as well as the many creatures both great and small that came through the office. I was invited along to help band and release wild wood ducks. Many times wild animals would need to be captured and relocated, both for the safety of the animal as well as people. I took an internship at the DEC when I was 17 and worked to release pheasants as well as take scale samples from live fish for study.
It seemed natural, then, to combine my love for conservation with that of art. For some years I have created paintings of endangered and threatened species, to help raise awareness. When I learned more about the Federal Duck Stamp program and what it does for wetland conservation, I was eager to help. I began entering duck stamp competitions in 2009 with state-level contests, and have entered the Federal a total of four times, including my winning Ruddy Ducks. The Federal Duck Stamp Competition is extremely prestigious and I am honored to have placed first among so many extraordinarily skilled artists and truly beautiful paintings. Of note, I am only the third female artist to have won this competition since it was opened to the public in 1949, and I hope to encourage more women to enter in the future.
The US Fish and Wildlife Service will produce my painting as a conservation stamp, which goes on sale in late June 2015. The Federal Duck Stamp, which sells for $15 and raises about $25 million each year to provide critical funds to conserve and protect wetland habitats in the National Wildlife Refuge System for the benefit of wildlife and the enjoyment of people. Ninety-eight cents of every dollar that the Stamp raises goes directly to benefit habitat. Since the program began in 1934 over $850 million has been raised for the purchase, lease, and preservation of over 6 million acres of vital wetland habitat. Anyone may buy the stamp. I encourage anyone that is able to please consider purchasing it to help our nation's vital wetland ecosystems.
Purchase duck stamps at many national wildlife refuges, the U.S. Postal Service or online at http://www.fws.gov/duckstamps/stamps.htm.
For more information on the Federal Duck Stamp program and contest, please visit www.fws.gov/duckstamps.

Other Awards and Honors

 * Solo Exhibition, Wellsville Creative Arts Center, Wellsville NY, 2011
 * Best in Show, Art in the Park, Olean NY, 2012
 * Best in Category (Swan Lake), "Share one Planet" International Wildlife art Competition, 2011
 * 4th place (Gadwalls), North Carolina Duck Stamp Competition, Washington NC, 2011
 * 5th Place (Hooded Mergansers), North Carolina Duck Stamp Competition, Washingting NC, 2013
 * Various Best in Show, Director's Choice, Guest of Honor's Choice... ribbons, Anthrocon, Pittsburgh PA, 2005--2013
 * Artist Guest of Honor, MFF, Chicago IL, 2012

Select Clients

 * Nickelodeon/MTV - Artwork for splash page, Nickelodeon Magazine
 * Windstone Editions - Custom painter
 * Baen Publishing - Artist for numerous e-publications
 * "Song of the Summer King" by Jess E. Owen, Five Elements Press - Cover Artist
 * "Skyfire" by Jess E. Owen, Five Elements Press - Cover Artist
 * "In the Crook of the Oak" by D.S. Foster, Shadetree Publishing LLC - Cover artist
 * "Swords of the Six" by Scott Appleton, Flaming Pen Press - Cover Artist
 * Corel Painter Magazine - Various Artworks and "how to" article
 * Dragon Art (Flame Tree Publishing) - Various Artworks
 * How to Draw and Paint Dragons (Barron's Educational Series) - Various Artworks
 * The Flight of Dragons-Storyboard art, website graphics
 * San Con - Various shirt designs
 * Lucid Raven Productions - CCG Art Card Artwork
 * Masters of Fantasy 2004 - Various Artworks
 * ImagineFX - Various Artworks
 * Deep Magic Magazine - Various Artworks
 * Elf Fantasy Magazine - Various Artworks

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